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Social Good



This social enterprise hails from a 80-year Finnish tradition of putting babies in boxes as a safe sleep space. Yes... you read that right...babies IN boxes. Over the span of three plus years, Stacy Katz Communications took The Baby Box Co. from its initial launch to build a company reputation and product that has gained worldwide recognition.


The key challenge for The Baby Box Co. when growing their startup was breaking through the highly saturated and incredibly competitive baby product media landscape while ensuring the company was differentiated as an educational and parenting empowerment platform. For their first statewide launch which offered a free baby box to every new parent in New Jersey, Stacy Katz Communications crafted a focused media strategy targeting top tier and highly syndicated local media in New Jersey and adjacent Philadelphia market with the intention that these key outlets would drive media coverage in the New York market. This key media launch and story came to be widely recognized as one of the United States biggest parenting stories of 2017 with over 1.5 billion impressions. Striking a balance between national exclusives and local stories, Stacy Katz Communications team secured internal and national print, online and broadcast coverage on GMA, BBC, CNN, The New York Times and thousands more. ​


For over three years, The Baby Box Co. has relied solely on Stacy Katz Communications’ PR support一with no other marketing channel to drive consumer demand, partnership demand generation, and unprecedented global adoption.


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