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There’s no greater communications hurdle than launching an unknown product during the holidays to gain market, mind and wallet share of the coveted mom buyer. Stacy Katz knows this personally as the founder and co-inventor of an award-winning best-selling lifestyle product一the family card game, “Not Parent Approved.” With her creativity and personal experience as a single mom trying to balance screen time with offline entertainment, Stacy and her co-founder, Maximina Revis invented a game that brings out the silly in all ages.

The launch communications strategy was to drive buzz, test the market and fund initial production through a Kickstarter, which successfully funded in less than three days. With a focused holiday sales strategy, Stacy drove an awards campaign, resulting in garnering 4 prestigious awards一establishing buzz and credibility heading into the critical Q4 selling season.

The PR strategy and storytelling has driven mass consumer lifestyle coverage such as Real Simple, WSJ, Huffington Post and the Today Show and has now pivoted from national awareness building to communications focused on driving sales一with an emphasis on Mom bloggers such as Cool Mom Picks, Rage Against the Minivan and Red Tricycle. Not Parent Approved has now expanded to Canada and Australia and has even needed to pause on further requests for global expansion because the game has sold out each holiday! Since PR is the exclusive marketing channel, Stacy has had the rare opportunity to gauge how each PR hit spikes sales and can build a popular brand.


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