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Consumer Tech



HelloTech’s communications challenge was to capitalize on a powerful opportunity to disrupt and reinvent consumer tech support across the nation and replace established competitors such as Best Buy’s Geek Squad. HelloTech turned to Stacy Katz Communications to help them educate the market about the emerging field of on-demand home tech support.  


Tapping into Stacy Katz Communications’ network of conference and press relationships, the team secured high-level CEO speaking opportunities at leading industry conferences, including CES, ShopTalk and The Smart Home Summit. Stacy Katz Communications crafted a narrative to help HelloTech become a leading voice in the Smart Home media conversation as well as hijacked news and trends to create brand relevance through media coverage. Trend stories conceived and placed included: pitching a new trend of DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) which was picked up and covered by Fortune’s Executive Editor Adam Lashinsky, the trend of the gig-economy and the benefit of leading brands offering personal in-home tech support. Stacy Katz Communications led an active business development and partner marketing program to help raise visibility for deals with Samsung, Amazon, Altice, Loews, Ring and more.


In preparation for the Q4 holiday season, Stacy Katz Communications conceived of a marketing communications campaign called “The Elf Offer” to impact both consumer acquisition and business KPIs. Stacy Katz Communications secured one of the nation's leading tech journalist Jennifer Jolly to conduct a nationwide Satellite Media Tour. Jolly filmed segments across multiple US markets resulting in over 200 million impressions in broadcast segments with coverage also featured on USA Today, MSN and CNBC.


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