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The Freedom Mindset:
Your Guide to Personal and Professional Growth

About Stacy Katz

Being Freedom Mindset Coach

With over two decades of experience in mindset and peak performance, Stacy founded Stacy Katz Mindset Creation and Coaching. She has been mentored by esteemed Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, founders of the University of Santa Monica, and the renowned “Ultimate Coach” Steve Hardison. Stacy has created the Freedom Mindset Method, incorporating the most impactful elements of her mentors' teachings with her work in maximum security prisons. She brings this unique mindset methodology into corporate workshops to experientially shift negative thinking to achieve impactful real-world results. Additionally, Stacy has tailored this powerful methodology into a program specifically for women, concentrating on creating a state of inner relaxation to equip busy modern women with the tools to thrive amid life’s transitions and challenges.

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1:1 Coaching

Being a Relaxed and Powerful Woman

- The Survive-To-Thrive Mindset

Many women today find themselves in transitional stages of life, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and waiting for some external situation or person to change. She juggles an intense career and ever-changing family responsibilities, and her personal goals are either put on the back burner or not able to be pursued with focus, progress, joy, and satisfaction. 


Her ways of coping earlier in her life are no longer working, leading to feelings of anxiety, depression, powerlessness, and the experience of being ignored or rejected. The clients I work with come to me feeling burnt out, frustrated, disconnected from their true selves, and wondering what they’re doing wrong.


I understand and have suffered through these challenges myself which inspired me to create the Survive to Thrive Mindset. I provide the tools and practices to support you in creating prosperity, love, and peace. By teaching you how to slow down and connect with your inner voice, I guide you to take control of your life. Through personalized coaching, master mindset principles, and practical tools, I provide strategies for sustainable wellness and self-acceptance. 

My approach is rooted in real-world experience, making it both relatable and actionable. I guide women to release judgment, own their strengths, and cultivate a life where professional success and personal fulfillment are created on their unique terms. If your commitment matches mine, we will shift you from a state of waiting and defensiveness to creating a proactive, fulfilled dream life.

There are 3 1:1 coaching options available, designed to fit your unique needs and goals. Together, we will select the path that best suits your journey to a more empowered and fulfilling life.

Corporate Programs

The Being Freedom Mindset Methodology

- From Prison to Profit & Purpose

With a track record spanning over two decades, the Freedom Mindset has been transforming the lives of incarcerated individuals through defined principles coupled with innovative processes uniquely honed and proven in the harshest environments.  

Stacy Katz is now spearheading the expansion of this transformational mindset methodology beyond prison walls, aiming to ignite change in business leadership through specialized workshops and company culture programming.


The Freedom Mindset serves as a foundation for a more collaborative, innovative, and resilient culture, resulting in a more prosperous and inclusive company. This unique methodology provides a crucial strategic edge, even in fiercely competitive markets. Leaders, teams, and customers are no longer reactive but united with their ability to choose their response and attitude to any challenge, circumstance, or opportunity. 


By shifting from a Fixed Mindset to a Freedom Mindset, the outcomes are exponentially more collaborative, open, and innovative individuals and teams. 


The core issue facing companies is that leadership and teams are often unconscious of the reality that their response set is unconscious, reflexive, and reactive, as opposed to truly responsive. The Freedom Mindset delivers proven experiential development to empower teams to respond to new challenges, and new barriers to execution, with limitless possibility. Participants undertake inner work to shift their mindsets and suddenly see their challenges, interactions, creations, and even roles, through a newly opened aperture of possibility.


VIP Immersion Day

With Stacy Katz in Los Angeles, California


We connect and clear out anything holding you back with Stacy’s signature R.E.L.A.X. Method. Through a transformative method focused on releasing self-judgment and judgments of others, you'll unlock newfound freedom and rise above your struggles and challenges- completing the past and creating a clean foundation to create your future.


In this personalized session, you will be guided to discover firsthand that you hold the power to create your own reality. You will experience how to create true fulfillment and that feeling whole, happy, wealthy, safe, and free—comes from within, regardless of external circumstances. You will get altitude and clarity on your dreams and goals, and we will outline clear steps to achieve them. Whether it's a new business venture, career opportunity, relationship, or any other aspiration, we will co-create it!

  • Relax and envision a path towards your dreams.

  • Relax and manifest your future with actionable insights.

  • Relax and learn tools to create and protect your peace.

  • Relax and embrace the transition with joy and courage.

  • Relax and forge new mental pathways for lasting change.

  • Relax and ignite your life's mission and purpose.

You will leave this one-day immersion retreat as the best version of you, empowered with new Principles and Practices to Create the life you’ve always craved. Join me for the most healing, transformational, and fun day of your life!

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"Stacy Katz is the most powerfully courageous being/woman I have ever shared space with and I have been with many; my mom, Iyanla Vanzant, Bryan Katie, and the top 50 that I could list.


Stacy is #1 and the next 49 are tied neck to neck at second!"

Steve Hardison

The Ultimate Coach

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