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The Freedom Mindset:
Your Guide to Personal and Professional Growth

About Stacy Katz

Being Freedom Mindset Coach

With over two decades of experience in mindset and peak performance, Stacy founded Stacy Katz Mindset Creation and Coaching. She has been mentored by esteemed Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, founders of the University of Santa Monica, and the renowned “Ultimate Coach” Steve Hardison. Stacy has created the Freedom Mindset Method, incorporating the most impactful elements of her mentors' teachings with her work in maximum security prisons. She brings this unique mindset methodology into corporate workshops to experientially shift negative thinking to achieve impactful real-world results. Additionally, Stacy has tailored this powerful methodology into a program specifically for women, concentrating on creating a state of inner relaxation to equip busy modern women with the tools to thrive amid life’s transitions and challenges.

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Ways To Work Together

  • Being a Relaxed and Powerful Woman - The Survive-To-Thrive Mindset

    1 hr

  • The Being Freedom Mindset Methodology - From Prison to Profit & Purpos...

    16 hr

  • With Stacy Katz in Los Angeles, California

    6 hr

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"Stacy Katz is the most powerfully courageous being/woman I have ever shared space with and I have been with many; my mom, Iyanla Vanzant, Bryan Katie, and the top 50 that I could list.


Stacy is #1 and the next 49 are tied neck to neck at second!"

Steve Hardison

The Ultimate Coach

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