Real World Testimonials


"Stacy brings a unique blend of creativity, savvy and unmatched tenacity to her work which translates into high impact results for clients. Give her a goal and she will astound you with big idea thinking on how to reach it, but sit back and watch as she blows past the metrics you set, making you realize you were shooting too low in the first place. Every marketing organization needs a Stacy Katz to raise the bar -- on thinking, creative programs and big, big results." 

Susan K. Cashen, VP Marketing, Control4 Energy

"My working relationship with Stacy was forged in the cruicible of a dot com, where she worked tirelessly for the cause. She is smart and well connected and knows how to pitch a story. She's also switched on to the opportunities that social media create as part of a broader communications strategy. I'd highly recommend her." 

Mark Barden, Owner/Partner; Eat Big Fish


"Stacy is a brand expert who understands that reputation is now found in multiple mediums, and that the circle of influence is now as wide as it is deep. She is strategic in her planning, resourceful in her execution and consistent in her results. Her expertise is a rarity, but a necessary one as the future of communications evolves at lightning speed." 

Quinn Daly, SVP; Demand Media

"Stacy and I have worked together throughout our careers and the pleasure's all mine. Stacy continues to impress me with each passing year, as she becomes an expert long before others in the market at new and innovative methods of marketing, communications and social media. Her incredible aptitude for marketing gives her an impressive advantage in a highly competitive and cluttered market. Those who are lucky enough to be represented by Stacy are guaranteed to prosper under her guidance. I stake my reputation on it!" 

— Jason Taylor, Executive Communications Director; Yahoo!

"Stacy is precisely the kind of person you want on your communications team; highly dependable, always prepared, through, creative and vigilant about her work/contribution. She is always looking for the angle that would make our business shine true. I have seen Stacy execute under the hardest type of conditions that high paced digital startups face. Even when our resources were lean, she came to the table and made us look like gold. I'd be happy to work with Stacy again someday." 

Roberto Fisher, Consultant, Startup Advisor

“Unending enthusiasm and care for her clients is how I'd describe Stacy. She gets the big picture for your brand and find solutions that are not only practical but original and effective. She particularly keeps up to speed with what's the hottest trends in media and is great about using that to guide our process and keep us as industry leaders.”

 — Victoria McClune, Partner at McClune Design, CEO of Space Dog Books, Inc.

“From concept to execution and everything in between, Stacy is a resourceful, inspired and focused communications executive. By combining breakthrough ideas with a plan and persistence, Stacy engages the entire organization and stakeholders. In fact, she is as comfortable soliciting ideas from an engineer as she is engaging an editor at a leading publication. My work is better for her invaluable input and collaboration. I look forward to working with Stacy again.”

— David Becker, Advisory Board Member at MatchPad

“I would be hard-pressed to know how to describe what a relief it has been to have Stacy in my corner. She's a delight to work with, ridiculously talented, sees things through, takes charge, owns her commitments and runs like the Energizer bunny. Any company in need of direction, vision, creative input, guidance, structure, PR and marketing strategies, and more would be lucky to work with Stacy Katz.”

— Susan Stiffelman, Author, Parenting Without Power Struggles


"I do not think I have worked with someone more creative and dedicated than Stacy. No matter the assignment, Stacy thinks of the most original way to achieve the goal. Stacy is someone that looks at every situation as an opportunity to make something special and unique. I cannot recommend Stacy enough and really hope I get an opportunity to work with her again." 

Justin Satzman, Social Media Manager at Maxus Global

“Stacy is a consummate professional and a creative, independent thinker. Her enthusiasm for the media and entertainment industries, combined with very strong marketing skills, makes her a rare breed. She is delightful to work with, inspiring and a rare talent.”

— Jacqueline Price, Worldwide Managing Director, Burson-Marsteller


"Stacy always found the angle to make the message of our entertainment partnerships stronger. Leadership and organization are a given with Stacy, but her ability to bring both partners together and have them see the vision she has mapped out for the end-goal is something I thought elevated our position and credibility with our partners. What a great asset to any company...and I hope I get the chance to work with Stacy again in the future."

— Paul Swanson, Realtor at Baird & Warner, MSU Alumni Club of Metro Chicago


"Stacy is a fearless leader who approaches her projects with a confidence and passion that’s infectious. Constantly challenging herself and her colleagues to stay ahead of the curve, Stacy leads by example in accepting from herself nothing less than the best. Her innovative spirit, inspiring attitude and commitment to greatness make her an invaluable asset to any team."

–  Marlee, Dippolito, Account Supervisor at Ogilvy Public Relations

"Stacy Katz is an innovative think tank, out-of-the-box marketing strategist, with a zest for life and incredible spirit. I am inspired by her work ethic and her fearless ability to navigate barriers to deliver exceptional results. Stacy is consistently evolving in her craft, learning new spaces and business models and is always adding to her creative bag of tools. She has the innate ability to see opportunities inside opportunities and to turn status quo accounts into multi-tiered revenue streams. Stacy is a natural leader and fosters a team environment, while giving guidance and encouraging individual thinking and development. Stacy Katz will always be an incredible resource and inspiration in my career."

– Candice Yusim Maskell, Brand Marketing & Communications Consultant

"Stacy is an extremely energetic, creative marketing pro. She seems to naturally weave her way through complex, global organizations, solving problems and making everyone happy. She came to Autodesk when the team was in transition and dove in to restructure the department and build ties with our counterparts around the world. She did so by building relationships and trust at Autodesk."

– Dawn Van Osdell, Writer at UrbanFamily Magazine

"Hire Stacy. She is creative, reliable, strategic and a kick to work with. She is a problem solver who always finds the way to results."

– Alice Hansen, Strategist. Storyteller. Entrepreneur.


"Stacy had a grasp of influencer-focused and lifestyle PR before it became a day-to-day priority for marcomm departments. Her ideas linked HP 'grey-box' products to high-end fashion/designer brands, reaching influencer communities outside of traditional media. This type of branding work helped land HP in unexpected places (Sundance Film Festival, X-Games, MTV Music Awards). Stacy raised the profile of HP's CMO with placements like Advertising Age's Marketer of the Year and recognition in Oprah Magazine. She was an inspiring manager and brought sincere enthusiasm to her global campaigns."

– Emily Horn, Microsoft PR - California

“Stacy is smart, seasoned and fantastic at what she does. Her creativity and tenacity make her an asset to any company with a stoy to tell. I admire the way she manages people at all levels. She's a natural collaborator who's fun to brainstorm with and great in a crisis! I'd work with her again in a second.”

– Maggie McAlister Senior Copywriter. Branding Expert. Creative Strategist

“Stacy is smart and strategic in her approach to PR and corporate communications -- she's able to take a bigger-picture look and translate that into a company's messaging and positioning in the market place. She was a great manager; always encouraging and enthusiastic. I would love to work with Stacy again!”

– Sheryl Seapy, Internal & Employee Communications Consultant at Cisco Systems

“While working together on HP’s Brand team, Stacy and I jointly managed major partner engagements in the US and abroad. These activations were unique in that they spanned HP’s consumer and enterprise businesses and involved CxO-level executives. Successful management required flexibility, a broad knowledge of HP and how to get things done and the ability to keep folks aligned with egos in check. On all counts, Stacy excelled and was a trusted partner. Her willingness to collaborate and focus on achieving results helped ensure we were successful.”

— Jon Ruder, Director, Digital Marketing at IHS

"I just had the enormous pleasure of having dinner with Stacy a few weeks ago, she vetted some ideas for me and in a real time brainstorming session she offered some of the most incredible approaches to a new business I'm considering. I have always admired Stacy, I had forgotten how current and relevant her thinking always is, she really has a pulse on exactly what is happening "NOW", in a way I've never been able to accomplish. I am so excited and pleased with the ideas she gave me, and that she was so willing and eager to support me in my endeavors. I hope she realizes that I'll be coming back of MORE!" 

– Rosanna Fay, Writer, Speaker, Consultant